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Technical help
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CPanel hosting

Cpanel control panel questions, answers.

Domain service condition

There are two ways to know the domain names for the server to redirect:

1. The current Registrar rewrites our name serverfeed your nameserver of the domain names. This technical condition, the fact that the http://www.domain.hu/domain/regcheck/ during the technical check run flawlessly on our névszerverünkkel.

2. IP address to be able to control your domain names. Who the domain zone, name servers of ensuring there is the appropriate (The, www, etc.) a record rewriting necessary, then we'll serve your Web appearance, but the correspondence there remain the old service provider.
If you want to, if correspondence is what's served, You can use the “MX” record modify accordingly.

Name server modification details:
The name server existence of technical requirements for each domain. Of these at least two (NS1, NS2) mandatory provision should be.
The name servers we got everything delegated domain in the case of just what, domain registrar we know as a set.
Necessary conditions:
Technical checks should be run (the result is the bottom line of green color). http://www.domain.hu/domain/regcheck/
The control side of the domain name to be nice to you that the domain entered, what you want to change, the name server field the server, what you want to stop!
As long as this does not run without errors can't be the server change!
Flawless technical control of the conditions: the hostingI park or add domain as set, furthermore, you need to create a postmaster e-mail account for the domain to: postmaster@öndomainneve.hu

If the technical checks without errors ran, then we can stop the requested change.

It is important to!
The DNS/name server after a change, the actual changeover occurs only, if the internet providers also know, who periodically checking the domain name settings. Consequently, a DNS or name server change usually 12-24 hours have to wait for the actual changeover.
During this time, the visitors a part of the old content, while others have the new website to read.


paper_lantern CPanel template

Tárhelyeinken new CPanel template set. All new hosting such a template will appear in the.

If you already have an existing repository, and you want to switch to the new x 3 paper_lantern template as template, Please contact our customer service by email, by phone or chat.

Some pictures of the design template:





Set up e-mail on a mobile device FROM an IMAP-al

IMAP – The leaves any mailprogram, from any computer, or mobile device are available and can be used at once. The correspondence full sync with all of the email client.

POP3 – Read mail limited to the machine, where downloading. For example.: for example, if a letter from. a Thunderbirdbe, It is physically stored in there and if you want it on a different computer, the letter read, We can not achieve. The sent mail, the content of the drafts, and the trash can will be limited to a specific machine.

Data required for the setting, I know, If the Cpanelben the E-mail (Mail) Group Email accounts (email Accounts) icon

Select the mailbox you want to configure, and in the right Set Up Mail Client-re kattint.

Here's the page at the bottom of blue square be read in the secure SSL/TLS settings, right next to the non-SSL settings.

Incoming server (Incoming Server/IMAP)/Outgoing server-Vilas (Outgoing Server/SMTP) We recommend that you, to set the server name or domain name. The server name in the hosting During activation you can find posted email, or the CPanel web address of. (in this case, force.xha.en)

The Security settingsmessage, select All certificate acceptancethrough!

Setting Android:

Setting on iPhone:

How to set up Windows Mail under the mail simply?

The Cpanelben is an application, which set up You mail account Windows mail under.

Go to Cpaneljébe, and click on the email mailboxes (email accounts) icon! Here you select the mailbox, and then the MORE drop-down menus, click the Configure button in the Email Client!





The mail user agents select the Windows Live Mail program after one of the offered options! (Leírásunkban POP3 over SSL/TLS protocol.)


Click the Proceed button!








Save the file as!








2 Click to launch the file t!










6. step:
Click the Open button!











Enter the password for the mailbox.









You can now use the windows mail mailt.

If for any reason the auto option does not work, You can try the following alternative solutions:

The mail client SMTP You can change this under!
1, port 25 If your internet service provider to enable. If it does not work, you can use the internet service provided by server
2, port 1025 This without SSL can use, normal passwordwith. The certificate should be accepted.
3, port 465 STARTTLS, normal password
4, port 587 STARTTLS, normal password



Domain registration, through registration,Add,parking technical condition!

1. Must be running without error domain.en technical control.

2. You must set the HOST server for a postmaster @ email address

For example.; cPanel in the case of: öndomainneve.hu, domain hostingthe process to add the öndomainneve.com domains with you:

the cpanel system, for the first time Add the given domain, and then the e-mail póstafiókoknál to create (a) the postmaster@öndomainneve.com ot!

The technical review is perfect as it is necessary to run!



Scan for viruses on your space. CPanel

1. Go to CPanelbe (www.ondomainneve.hu/cpanel)

2. Navigate to the applications installed on the Virus Scanner icon, and then click on it.

3. The next option, you can choose, that you want to control what parts of your space!

4. After the scan selection.

If the scanner shows no infected files, then space is not infected.

5. The scan after running the program will show you the infected files.

6. In the next window, You can choose what you want to do in that infected file!

Quarantines, delete, you replace it.

IT is IMPORTANT to! If you move to quarantine, delete a file that can have serious consequences!

(PL; if you delete a website .index.html side, because infected then side are unavailable!)

In any case the infected file, You must remove the space! You may want to backup the entire page and upload again!

Manual Backup creation CPanelben.

Website for viruses – Site Inspector!


Manual Backup creation CPanelben.

Hacked website, the following procedure:

When an order is send to the email address provided in the activation of the new access data.

You are entering the Cpanelbe(www.ondomainneve.hu/cpanel) automatically save the contents of the website, change email passwords.

Save the contents of the website is down:

Enter the cpanel to. Click the file manager option











Create a root directory "/backup"folder











The file manager click on the public_html folder.











The entire contents of the folder, select and copy it to the root directory of your space, created backup folder.











Then, check the website, If you are sure you are not infected with the side fill up again!

Email password change here.





Cron job (Timed run)

There may be, to set a timed program run. This is the Cronjob. The Cpanelben by clicking the icon you can access this service.

1. We may notice the timing step email address.

2. step timing regularity, exact time, and you want to set the timing script-We can define et.




In the command text box, add the following command:

PHP/home/[your username]/URpublic_html/rss/import_feeds.php


How to set up Gmail email to another during the

1. step: Enter the Gmail with this option,, and then click the settings icon in the top right corner, It is within the E-mail options-on .












2. step: Click the Accounts and import tab.


3. step: Click the Own POP3- Add account button.


4. step: in the pop-up window, enter the email address, that the gmail account you want to track.








5. step: In the next window, enter your user name for an e-mail message (If you cannot continue, the e-mail address), the corresponding passwordt, and the server IP address. Choose from the options below for more.


6. step: at this point, you can specify, whether you want to send mail to this email address, or not.


7.step: Here you can specify the, to run the set up e-mail name.


8.step: Here you can define the configuration of the SMTP server. We recommend the following settings.


10.step: Gmail will send a confirmation code from the email address specified. Substitute this in the right place.


11. step: The system will find the approval email sent by link. This is done by clicking the option.






Joomla 1.6 install using Cpanel

1. Enter Cpanelbe and click on the Mysql databases (Mysql Database).

2. Create the database type database name and click the “Create database” button. This information note, save off because the installation progresses it will be needed for.

3. Create a database user, enter the user name and password and then click the “Create User” button.

4. Next step is to add the user you created in the set up.

5. Then let's go back to the starting page of the Cpanel and select the file manager to connect to the “File manager” button.

6. In file manager, select the public_html folder, it is important to always upload data in this folder. Switch to the “Upload” button and then select the computer Joomla 1.6 the packaged file to make up and unpack.

7. It begins after the joomla installation. Select the appropriate language and click Next until the installation does not ask for data.

8. This is the part you need to give the installer the database data which previously cpanel in create we. Database user name, password and database name and then go to the “Read more” button.

9. In the next section, the hosting FTP You must provide access to the user name and password and then go to the “Find your FTP path automatically” button and then go to the “Read more” button.

10. The installation is the last part you need to add the website data and the admin interface user name and passwordt. Then go to the “Install sample data” button and the “Read more” button.

Next, enter the fájlkezelőbe and wipe the “Installation” folder.


Drupal installation

1. Go to Cpanelbe.

2. Go to the MySQL Database.

3. Type database name and then go to the “Create Database” button.

4. Then you need to create a database user in the database, type the user name and password.

5. Cpanelban go to fájlkezelőbe and go to the top menu of the Upload button “Upload”.

6. The megjelenülő part, go to the Browse button, and then select the Drupal Setup, then the program automatically uploads the installer.

7. Next step is to go back to the fájlkezelőbe and unpack the uploaded file.

8. If it has a browser type domain name or hosting elérésünket, and this will start the installation.

9. Click the Install button and then on the megjelenülő side of Drupal to make the information, and then go to the save and continue button:
Database name: Database name (I have created the cpanelben)
Database username: Database user
Database password: Database user password.

10. In the next section, fill in the fields of reason ", you have to give email address, What to do with the user name and password, and this step is complete the drupal installation.


WHM control panel description

All of our clients who receive the resale space maps hostingbut in the WHM Control Panel.

Main functions:

– Repositories created to bring,
– Térhely development packages,
– Set up storage services such as. MySQL, Added domain, Parked domain…,
– Suspension of spaces, delete,
– Edit DNS and MX records,
– Hosting information eg.: size, domain name, services, email address, password…,