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Email Hosting

Email Tárhely kérdések, answers.

550 Sender verify failed

The sender verify function is an important setting for server side, because if this would not be active, then anyone can send false, not working email address letter to you, so many hundreds of daily spam Letter to deliver! Therefore, globally we will not switch off, It's in your interest to!

Why can't I get my mail xy.com domain to be able to, email address? This error is returned to the sender: 550 Sender verify failed

This happens, When the sender's email address, domain name, DNS not appropriate, Server hostname, etc.. is not configured correctly, It is not possible to check back, because the host server is not able to visszaellenőrizni the sender's e-mail address, to be real, is there a.

Solution: The sending party, ask your provider, to correct your dns, MX errors! So the error is not on the receiver side, This can be checked by using the below mentioned two.

We recommend a tool to verify the MX record: http://mxtoolbox.com/diagnostic.aspx
Another tool is the DNS settings: http://www.intodns.com/

Unfortunately it happens, to send an email newsletter from, which is not a fully traceable, for example, does not work. noreply@akarmi.hu in this case, we recommend, to specify the sender's IP We caught the address and.


Brute Force foreclosure

If you enter the wrong password more than once CPanel or Webmail or mail program entry is specified in the wrong password the system will disable your IP address this is called Brute Force prohibition, in this case, please send us an email in which elküldni IP addressyou will find information about the ip.xhu.hu site is dissolved in the ban can see and.


Why should I buy email storage space?

If you assign a traditional storage, any service provider in the correspondence usually is restricted to. This means, the fact that the email size and the amount of email you can send to.

If you want to send a newsletter, It can take up to several days, If you have a larger database.

The us bought traditional space, We also limit the number of email send, which 99 email/domain.

If the email hosting is your, you will not encounter this problem.

We use only the storage sizerestricting access to information about, Therefore, the quantity and the size is unlimited.


What is email hosting?

The easiest way to határozhatnám it, that is a, as the Gmail.: A large amount of mail sent in bulk and. The only limit is your hosting size. POP3, and SMTP We give you access to, as well as the Web interface, you can manage your correspondencefind information about, Hungarian language. If you send out mass newsletters daily, weekly frequency then I shared server is very difficult to do due to the limitations, This is the email hosting.

If you order email hosting our service is the domain name küldős mail the newsletter only works, so you set up the email addresses Cpanelban email hosting admin interface must be created in order to make it work in email address.