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Technical help
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Online hosting ordering

Online tárhely megrendeléshez segítség, magyarázat.

Online ordering and use the coupon code

Online http://otp.xhu.hu You can very quickly and easily on our website hosting and domain name, You can also pay by credit card or. The customer is fully automatic, fill in Your document instead of the , There is no other job than to sign and return to us!

The following:

1, Enter the desired domain name in the domain name box and select the domain endings or endings:

kuponkod6 (2)
2, Press the bottom of the Go button, the system checks, that domain name is available, free, If so then I will list these options can be selected and the domain, how much time do you want to register the domain name (move your mouse over the blue slider, you will see the option), If you do not register because they are already in, Select the redirect or transfer domain domain option.

kuponkod6 (5)
3, In the coupon code field is displayed only if:
1, storage answer
2, Choose a domain name that contains the action e.g.. com or com

kuponkod6 (6)
So if your domain name is in action, You can use the hosting size selection after you see the field where you can enter the coupon code kuponkódot!

4, If special domain chosen and entered the coupon code box in the code, then put the basket in the domain names, storage space etc.…to do this, press any kosárgombot, If you do not special domain name of your choice, the coupon code is not displayed, but nevertheless continue order.

5, will appear in the cart summary so:

kuponkod6 (1)
In this case, the coupon code has been validated and that does not count up the online ordering system.

After this there is no other job than to follow the ordering process, Next button… where the personal information must be given as well as the payment method. Then get ready for a pdf document, what you need to download, sign and send back to us.

Online ordering process

1. Type the following address in the browser http://otp.xhu.hu

2. Type the desired domain name, If you already have a domain name you type will be detected, to a live domain name and will be ordering next phase of this átregisztrálni or if you want to redirect your domain name.

3. A megrendelés következő részében ki lehet választani a domain névhez tartozó tárhelyet illetve a hosting additional functions, If you want to only domain name and you don't have any space elsewhere at our select DNS functions, After this, go to the “Add to cart” button.

4. The megjelenülő section, you can see summary of what to, and in the drop-down menu you can choose the payment method Pink check, Bank transfer or Online payment.

5. Then fill out the online customer, fill in the form using a sense, If you want to include your data administration contact person you can go to the “Copy” button if you leave this part then we will automatically also the administrative contacts.

6. If you have some important information about the order you type “Note” section, and so it is also to be included on the last page of the document to the customer.

7. If you have filled in the document to make sure that the data are correct and if yes then go to the “Read more” gombra ekkor a rendszer automatikusan létrehozza a megrendelő dokumentumot amivel annyi teendője van hogy letölti aláírja és elküldi nekünk szkennelve emailben, fax or mail. If you want to improve your document then the document under the customer data field to improve the part and go to the “Fix” button, If all data is OK then kapcsjon the “Order” button.

8. After your order You will receive an email with the order specified email address, If you are in the final stages of the order not downloaded the client document, you will receive an email with a link where you can download the already completed document.

How much space should I buy?

This is the easiest way to check if you already have a website, that the current hostingI look at the storage sizefind information about.

If you do not and you haven't even had your space, Select the smallest space, because it can be changed at any time during the year and only the pro rata fee will be charged.

If more than one photo, videoyou want to upload, You can recommend the 1 GB storage space size. It is usually quite.
DNS reservation will be charged in the case, If there is no space for us and you don't even want to buy.

However, we can provide storage for free, but only a domain for.

Free space:http://www.xhu.hu/Arlista/Arlista/webtarhely-arlista.html

If you are not able to select which storage, Please read our articles: http://www.xhu.hu/Tarhely/Webtarhely/melyiket-tarhelyet-valasszam.html