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Technical help
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WHM Hosting Reseller control panel

Reseller hosting related questions, answers.

WHM control panel description

All of our clients who receive the resale space maps hostingbut in the WHM Control Panel.

Main functions:

– Repositories created to bring,
– Térhely development packages,
– Set up storage services such as. MySQL, Added domain, Parked domain…,
– Suspension of spaces, delete,
– Edit DNS and MX records,
– Hosting information eg.: size, domain name, services, email address, password…,


Create a storage plan

Path: WHM>packages>Add-on packages

Create the packages is useful, because of the domain When creating a, you don't always have to enter the basic parameters, but a pre-created, on the basis of "package" with one click, you can assign the package to the domain/client.

Example see: xhu100 or.
Enter a name for the package (new package name), specify the maximum number of extras you can create (Enter numbers), for example.. maximum FTP, or maximum database count. Specify how many MB (quota) would you give to the customer, then click the "add" button.

Hosting suspension

Resell sell hostingthem ...., However, it is unfortunately not a customer completes debt has long been with us.
Érdeklődnék, How to technically solve the temporary suspension of hosting service, or, I do not know, What do you have for this common habit?

The WHM> Account Function below you will find a menu, that Suspend/Unsuspend an Account. I use, and then if you want to restore, You can use the Account Information> List Suspended Account You can restore from the menu.


Your own name server

If you want to, that – as a reseller – your own name serversee information about ns1.xhu.hu and ns2.xhu.hu just like you domain represents the name of the, You can do the following:

If your domain DNS not overloaded, we add: call's Registrar and ask, to create these entries, and then ns1.domainneve.hu and ns2.domainnev.hu redirect, our specified as target location IP addresses.

If your domain has a dns server what type: just write to the administrator and ask to have your own name server activation.


What is overselling?

Overselling is not allowed:
If now e.g.. 2GB reseller space is, It is now split into 10x200mb space feltudja, or 20x100mb space but no matter, to the client the size of real storage space using.

So in this case is limited to the size of the package that you created in advance.

Overselling allowed:
You can use the cPanel a really worn out storage space count, so if you create a 100 MB os hosting package, but the client only uses 20 MB up to this, You can even create multiple packages, until, until the space is full.


How do I enable the accented domain server?

Since there is virtually no accents domain, Thus, a code must be entered as follows:

1. Follow the link to http://www.domain.hu/domain/szabad-e/ what domain do you want to enter ékezetesen.

2.If you find the hosting domain name, You can find the review this line for example.: Xn--enforce accented uppercase in 9xa.hu-. This is equivalent to the ékezetes.hu domain.


How to change the disk space quota?

The quota (size) the easiest way to, You can change the following users:
Log in to the “WHM”-check-in, list of repositories (account information>list accounts), and then click on the small icon is already specified quota plus.

Enter the new hosting size, and then press the “OK” button.

But if you don't see this little button, You can change the predefined package (package) the right one.


How to bring up a new hosting and domains on your server?

Do the following:
Log in to the “WHM“-or HTTPS://szerveripcím:2087 at, or if you already domain name of works on the server http://URwww.******.hu/cPanel – point your domain name with/cpanel – so you can reach the cpanelt, If you have entered the cpanelbe, then the bottom menu “WHM”.

If you are within the “WHM”-Ben then:
In the left menu, select “Account functions”>”Create new account” Here you can enable new domain and storage space on the server.

If you don't have hosting package created, You must first create, or you can use the package generated by other reseller.


Domain creation, setting the server

Path: WHM>Account Functions>Create New Account.

Before you redirect or create a new domain a name for the server, ALWAYS ENABLE, YOU MUST SET THE (parking, added domain, new domain creation).

Enter the domain name. It is important to: you do not have an http, and you don't need www. The user name (username) automatically creates the WHM, If you click the box.

passwordVilas (password) Enter at least 6 characters also can generate a password or.

Quota In MB, Enter how many MB of storage to its customers.

Enter the extras you would want to give to the client (FTP, email, etc.), and then you can choose a predefined set we package, but the package is not required to select. For more information, see Create a menu item of the package.

Enter the "contact" link in this email, and press the "create" button to start the registration process.