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Edit DNS records

Edit DNS records

1. Enter Cpanelbe
2. Click on the “Advanced DNS Zone Editor” menu item

3. Then fill in the fields with the relevant information,

  • Name Here, enter the domain name, that you want to control,
  • Type redirect type e.g.. If IP address you want to redirect to, You can let the “The”,
  • Address the address to which you want to redirect.

4. If you want to edit an existing Dns records, You can record a single line at the end of the line Edit button click and change the appropriate fields, and then go to the “Edit Record” button.

5. If you want to, the name of the domain all subdomain name the main point domainra, you fill out:

  • name: *.most Dominicana.
  • TTL: 14400
  • type: The
  • Adress: server ip address (activation email includes)

The cPanel Advanced dns editor can add the following values, change: The, AAAA, CNAME, TXT, SRV
If you need a different record inserted (For example.: ASFDB, DNAME, DS, HINFO, LOC, NAPTR, NS, PTR, RP) , You can contact our customer service, because they are not yet supported by cpanel.

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