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Drupal features

Drupal features

Content management system that is Content Management System (CMS)

Enter and organize content to use tool with support for multiple users – at least according to the Wikipedia definition. It's a bit more means, to Web publications, news sites can be used to produce tool. Most of today'S CMS system called can do much more, and the Drupal not limited only to manage content. Able to build a simple e-shop, and are often used in communities to develop (where the secondary role in content development).

Content management framework that is Content Management Framework (CMF)

As for system programmers, which content management systems used in the construction – According to the Wikipedia definition. The excellent Drupal CMF, as general content management and organization schemas supports a wide range of skills for change of appearance. In addition, a very good source of documentation. So for unique content management needs as well.

Web application development framework that is Web Application Framework (WAF)

Drupal is a fairly thin layer over the PHP language provides elements, which can facilitate the development of web applications for more general needs. These features form the General System, the thin database management layer, the user management subsystem.

Platform support

Apache or IIS, UNIX, Linux, *BSD, Solaris, Windows and Mac OS X support

    Virtually all of the Drupal system available, where is the PHP 4 or PHP 5 and a supported database systems. Not just Apache and Microsoft IIS, but you can also run a number of operating system, such as Linux, the various BSD, the Solaris, Windows or Mac OS X platforms.

Database independence

    Although most of the Drupal-based site operator using MySQL, It's not an obvious solution for everyone. The Drupal database interface to PostgreSQL thin unlock with code calculator it is possible to use. About a dozen other databases by creating a simple function for our site.

Web interface Setup

    In order to, to avoid deviations of the platforms we deal with nyűgjeivel, and the Drupal site as soon as we stop putting, Drupal's built-in Web acceleration Setup or database has.

Content management

Versatile content types

    The various content publishing needs different content-structure and functionality may be required. Therefore, the core product is embedded in a number of content types Drupal support: writing, forum topic, blog entries, Book page, page, vote.

Own content types

    If the built-in types are not sufficient, It is also possible to define your own types from the Web interface to the functionality of Drupal's built-in content type. The flexible, based on the extended type system allows recycling of common elements, to align their own types of workflows. Accessories: If you want to paste your own fields for these types, the Content Construction Kit, you must install an add-on, or reprogram to.

Change management

    The change management system built in Drupal that keeps track of the changes indicated in the content: You can view, make out, When changed and what. The system gives you the option to add comments, In addition to revert to a previous version.

Interface and customization

Makeup treatment

    Drupal makeup Manager system separates content and presentation, thus allowing a Web page to influence kinéztének. Templates easily HTML and (little) May be made in PHP development. There is no need to get to know a new markup language. Accessories: If you already know a template language, the use of a small development, or you can install a complete system overview.


    The content that appears on the form, the blocks, the themes are all specialties of the administration interface can be customized. To allow our users to, to be in tune with its own unique appearance, language or even of the blocks.

Sort through

    All contents of the complete Drupal indexelésen falls through, so later you can also become a convenient way. Also support the users and postings.

The use of drupal

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