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How to set up Gmail email to another during the

How to set up Gmail email to another during the

1. step: Enter the Gmail with this option,, and then click the settings icon in the top right corner, It is within the E-mail options-on .












2. step: Click the Accounts and import tab.


3. step: Click the Own POP3- Add account button.


4. step: in the pop-up window, enter the email address, that the gmail account you want to track.








5. step: In the next window, enter your user name for an e-mail message (If you cannot continue, the e-mail address), the corresponding passwordt, and the server IP address. Choose from the options below for more.


6. step: at this point, you can specify, whether you want to send mail to this email address, or not.


7.step: Here you can specify the, to run the set up e-mail name.


8.step: Here you can define the configuration of the SMTP server. We recommend the following settings.


10.step: Gmail will send a confirmation code from the email address specified. Substitute this in the right place.


11. step: The system will find the approval email sent by link. This is done by clicking the option.





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