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MySQL database

MySQL database

The path to the: www.öndomainneve.hu/cPanel, and then click the MySQL database icon.

MySQL you will need to create a database, If you run a program in the Web hostingI, that requires the database live in..

    1. The creation of: -New database (new database) Type a name for the database, and click on "create database"

    1. When creating the database, We need to create a user, who has access to your databases.
    2. Username- (user name) write a made-up name, and the password (password) box type we invented passwordor generate, then click the "create User" button.

    1. After creating the user is, You must have the system, to create a database, our user access, which is done as follows.:
    2. ' Add the USER to your Database, select the user- (user) the drop-down menu, and then select the database-t (database), the drop-down menu, a checkmark next to the "privileges" under the "ALL" box, and click the "add User to Database" button.

This paired with the user full privileges to the databases.

Starting from here for example.: You can edit the database with phpMyAdmin, and the username, password, specified database name, programs can have access to the databases.


  • The MySQL adatbázis szerver “localhost or” you will be, It depends on which server is, the exact host name, you can see the cpanelben.
  • The name of the database “the name specified when creating the database felhasználóneve_új you” for example.: jozsi_joomla,
  • The name of the user: the “önfelhasználó neve_mysql nickname” for example.: jozsi_rendszergazda,
  • Password is the password of the user who has been added to the database so, If you added the jozsi_joomla to the jozsi_rendszergaza user, the password will be the password is jozsi_rendszergazda.
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