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Outlook 2007 set

Outlook 2007 set

    1. Start your e-mail program (Outlook)
    2. The first time you switch to the next window that appears.

    1. The next window should be ticked in the “Yes”-and click the next button.

    1. In the next window enter the name of email the password associated with your email address and, and then go to the next.

    1. In the next window pilálja “specify server settings manually”, and then go to the next.

    1. You can see the window of the megjelenülő “Internet e-mail” participate in and then go to the next.

    1. On this tab, fill in the information in the name of, email address, in the incoming mail server should be the mail.öndomainneve.hu, in the outgoing mail should be mail.öndomainneve.hu kioszolgálója, and then type the user name that should be the full email address as shown in the picture, and then type your password and go to the “For more options…” button.

    1. In the window of the “In the outgoing mail server (SMTP) requires authentication” need part pilálni, In addition to the switch, and then “Special” tab.

    1. The “Special” tab in the “Outgoing mail server (SMTP)” part 1025-set, and then go to the “OK” button.

The correspondence You can also access the settings cpanelbe: Not able to email the email address under accounts, within a line from the very end of the MORE drop-down menu, Configure your Email Client by clicking Find your personalized email settings.

Email servers to send your mail client can set. The smtp mail host is responsible for.

If for any reason the auto option does not work, You can try the following alternative solutions:

The smtp mail client, this can be modified!
1, port 25 If your internet service provider to enable. If it does not work, you can use the internet service provided by server
2, port 1025 This without SSL can use, normal passwordwith. The certificate should be accepted.
3, port 465 STARTTLS, normal password
4, port 587 STARTTLS, normal password

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