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Ruby on rails

Ruby on rails

What is the Ruby on rails and it can run on your space?
Response: Yes

The Ruby on Rails (In brief Rails) the Ruby programming language -based, open-source (MIT license below the) Web application framework. David Heinemeier Hansson posted by in 2004, the Basecamp program using the code. Principles of ’ Don t repeat yourself (don't repeat yourself) and the Convention over Configuration (conventions before the options): all the information is in only one place (for example, a database class should not be used to define the columns, the Rails directly reads the names from a database), products following the conventions and, automatically generated code (for example, the database sales table is automatically applied to the Sale class). Built-in package manager (RubyGems) and Web server (WEBrick) It also contains. AJAX-to support the Web 2.0 one of the popular applications framework.

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