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WordPress features

WordPress features

WordPress features:

WordPress is an elegant, good personal publishing system built with PHP and MySQL basics, building, the GPL license issued under. The b2/cafelog official successor.


  • PHP v4.2, or later
  • MySQL v 3.23., or later
  • If either of these is not the same, It results in incorrect execution of WordPress.


WordPress is a powerful personal publishing platform, and a built-in features that make it easy and the Internet makes it a pleasant publikálásodat, as much as possible.

  • Easy user management
  • Easy to install and upgrade
  • In the Webnaplódat your publikálhatod to the general public.
  • The WordPress support RSS 1.0 (also known as: RDF), RSS 2.0 and the ATOM specifications, and what is even better, to order any of the webnaplódon site feed, What readers can subscribe to.
  • The ever-growing world of WordPress is ready to Pingback and Trackback support, two very useful way to connect with other blogs, and vice versa.
  • Strong password protection.
  • To assist you in, to the webnaplódon the correct time is displayed, even if the server is in another time zone.
  • Megírhatsz an entry for today, and you can set a later date, When will automatically appear.
  • You can upload pictures or files, and you can see the hozzálinkelheted or cikkeidben. You can also create the thumbnail when uploading.
  • The same characters written WordPress emoticons, like ":)"graphics are converted to megfelelőjévé.
  • Save your unfinished cikkeid, fix them later, and publikáld when you are done with it.
  • Before you megnyomnád the "publish" button, viewing a preview of the article, to check it, all look out, the way you want. In fact, you can do this at any time, because the preview is "live".
  • You can send as an e-mail message with the Web, and you can view them in the webnaplódon.
  • If you have a longer time driving in a blog, You can count the ones, how well are your blog posts sorted by, and to display the archives of your blog WordPress offers a number of ready-made options.
  • Built in search tool.
  • The kategorizálhatóak and blogrollban links can be.
  • Everything else is some template tag, which allows you to display the blogroll, as you would want
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