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Domain registration how to?

Domain registration how to?

1. Download domain and hosting claimant , sign and the necessary documents attached, send it back to us via email, fax or mail. We do not require original documents only, that be manually signed all the necessary documents. Fastest if you email or fax will be sent to the papers.
2. The registration of domain names with the extension. 2 weeks, plus 1-2 day depends on the ISZT when examined.
3. The registration of international domain names 1-2 days.
4. The file extensions of the domain name. 2 weeks after automatically will work, This unfortunately you can not send a reminder. The international domain names, the same situation, only 1-2 days I will work.
5. As long as the domain registration is not done, in the meantime, you can upload the files as described in the activation email.
6. The activation email you send out, When your order total, so we have received all the necessary documents and the payment has been made. This is usually done the same day, When You send us the documents and pay the necessary fees.

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