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Domain service condition

Domain service condition

There are two ways to know the domain names for the server to redirect:

1. The current Registrar rewrites our name serverfeed your nameserver of the domain names. This technical condition, the fact that the http://www.domain.hu/domain/regcheck/ during the technical check run flawlessly on our névszerverünkkel.

2. IP address to be able to control your domain names. Who the domain zone, name servers of ensuring there is the appropriate (The, www, etc.) a record rewriting necessary, then we'll serve your Web appearance, but the correspondence there remain the old service provider.
If you want to, if correspondence is what's served, You can use the “MX” record modify accordingly.

Name server modification details:
The name server existence of technical requirements for each domain. Of these at least two (NS1, NS2) mandatory provision should be.
The name servers we got everything delegated domain in the case of just what, domain registrar we know as a set.
Necessary conditions:
Technical checks should be run (the result is the bottom line of green color). http://www.domain.hu/domain/regcheck/
The control side of the domain name to be nice to you that the domain entered, what you want to change, the name server field the server, what you want to stop!
As long as this does not run without errors can't be the server change!
Flawless technical control of the conditions: the hostingI park or add domain as set, furthermore, you need to create a postmaster e-mail account for the domain to: postmaster@öndomainneve.hu

If the technical checks without errors ran, then we can stop the requested change.

It is important to!
The DNS/name server after a change, the actual changeover occurs only, if the internet providers also know, who periodically checking the domain name settings. Consequently, a DNS or name server change usually 12-24 hours have to wait for the actual changeover.
During this time, the visitors a part of the old content, while others have the new website to read.

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Domain service condition

There are two ways to know the domain name of the server to redirect: 1. The current registrar changed the name server to our domain name domain name server of. This technical condition, the http://www.domain.hu/domain/regcheck/ under the technical control flawlessly run the name server with. 2. IP address to be able to control your domain names. Who the domain zone, ensure your nameserver, the more the […]

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