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Up to create ftp account

Up to create ftp account

Unlimited FTP account we will give you.

You can e.g.. webmasternek or ftp access to a friend enter your space.

But this limit is. For example.: just a directory, and not the parent folder.

You can set this cPanel FTP ManagerBen.

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FTP: (File Transfer Protocol) a protocol, to assist with remote machines, kapcsolatlétesítésben. Provides the option to download files- and könyvtárkezelői and certain actions. The e-mail with unlike, file size unlimited. Related

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I can not connect to your server with FTP

In vain I try I can't connect to the server from the ftp client…. Response: The domain name it's probably still not forwarded, registered so you can not connect pl. ftp.domainneve.hu connections, instead, use the server's ip address, what you will find in the activation email. Related

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I do not mail, I can not upload

Client: I can't upload because it won't let the ftp program, but neither will I receive in my mail, I can only send. Response: the space is completely filled with, It also received more e-mails. Solution: delete a couple of file space, or buy more storage space. Related

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