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Online ordering and use the coupon code

Online ordering and use the coupon code

Online http://otp.xhu.hu You can very quickly and easily on our website hosting and domain name, You can also pay by credit card or. The customer is fully automatic, fill in Your document instead of the , There is no other job than to sign and return to us!

The following:

1, Enter the desired domain name in the domain name box and select the domain endings or endings:

kuponkod6 (2)
2, Press the bottom of the Go button, the system checks, that domain name is available, free, If so then I will list these options can be selected and the domain, how much time do you want to register the domain name (move your mouse over the blue slider, you will see the option), If you do not register because they are already in, Select the redirect or transfer domain domain option.

kuponkod6 (5)
3, In the coupon code field is displayed only if:
1, storage answer
2, Choose a domain name that contains the action e.g.. com or com

kuponkod6 (6)
So if your domain name is in action, You can use the hosting size selection after you see the field where you can enter the coupon code kuponkódot!

4, If special domain chosen and entered the coupon code box in the code, then put the basket in the domain names, storage space etc.…to do this, press any kosárgombot, If you do not special domain name of your choice, the coupon code is not displayed, but nevertheless continue order.

5, will appear in the cart summary so:

kuponkod6 (1)
In this case, the coupon code has been validated and that does not count up the online ordering system.

After this there is no other job than to follow the ordering process, Next button… where the personal information must be given as well as the payment method. Then get ready for a pdf document, what you need to download, sign and send back to us.

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