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Domain redirect Plesk-en

Domain redirect Plesk-en

There are two options to set the divert setting. Recommended .htaccess use, but the hosting setup method is also possible.

The) .htaccess:
1. Create the the domain hosting directory (default: httpdocs) the .htaccess file.
2. Open editor (Edit in Text Editor)
3. The whole website is redirecting, the following line should be copied in the, of course, the ‘www.idemutasson.hu’ domain should be to replace the redirect to desired page.
Redirect 301 / http://www.idemutasson.hu/
4. Mens the file!

(B)) Hosting setup:
Attention! At this type of build someone linked path stored files to be lost, so be careful, prepare a backup of the library!

The setup steps:
1. Website & Domains menu option to find the domain;
2. Hosting Settings by click;
3. The Hosting type row, select the [Change] (Amendment) from the menu;
4. The drop-down menu to select the Forwarding (redirect) option;
5. The Destination address (destination website) box, type the website address;
6. The redirect type of tick the use kívántat:
– 301: permanent redirect (PL. page title change in the event of), the redirect after the redirect website domain name to load the page.
– 302: temporary redirection set domain name (SEO considerations)
– Frame redirect: during the redirect, the visitor can't see the redirected domain name, not be informed about the diversion of
7. Click OK or Apply (approval) button.

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