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550 Sender verify failed

550 Sender verify failed

The sender verify function is an important setting for server side, because if this would not be active, then anyone can send false, not working email address letter to you, so many hundreds of daily spam Letter to deliver! Therefore, globally we will not switch off, It's in your interest to!

Why can't I get my mail xy.com domain to be able to, email address? This error is returned to the sender: 550 Sender verify failed

This happens, When the sender's email address, domain name, DNS not appropriate, Server hostname, etc.. is not configured correctly, It is not possible to check back, because the host server is not able to visszaellenőrizni the sender's e-mail address, to be real, is there a.

Solution: The sending party, ask your provider, to correct your dns, MX errors! So the error is not on the receiver side, This can be checked by using the below mentioned two.

We recommend a tool to verify the MX record: http://mxtoolbox.com/diagnostic.aspx
Another tool is the DNS settings: http://www.intodns.com/

Unfortunately it happens, to send an email newsletter from, which is not a fully traceable, for example, does not work. noreply@akarmi.hu in this case, we recommend, to specify the sender's IP We caught the address and.

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