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Constantly interrupted the email contact, unexciting none

Constantly interrupted the email contact, unexciting none

Why do I sometimes and then excluded from the unexciting is not available?! May not be the IP address fails to do?

Dear Valued Customer!

Have been excluded from the indicated ip, faulty POP3/SMTP login attempts due to. You and not us to server side fix, set, It's like a bad you try to open a door key and asks the Lakatos, to convert You to the door lock, who can open!

You will be disqualified if the login 15 times messed up/ip, so it is completely reasonable to block, If you do not disable and the machine e.g.. virus suffering from an infection, You can smoothly by breaking the traditional mailbox password brute force method!

Log in problem: Failed POP3 login from xxxxxxxxxx

So I propose, that there, on the ip address solve the problem, to set the email clients, password/user help. If you are not sure, the correct password, You can test webmailen or change the cPanel email mailbox menu.

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