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Issues relating to resource limit exceeded

Issues relating to resource limit exceeded

In recent days several times this system error message I received:

Your space: xyz.com has reached and exceeded the maximum allowable space, set resource limit in the past 24 hours.
The maximum number of connections has been reached. Therefore, it was not available on the website of X times.

The space more parked domain can be found in. They could help, where can I find the error?


If you receive an email to this address: “Hosting account resources exceeded”, then the website has exceeded the hostingone of the resource constraint set's.

This means:

  • too much memory usage
  • too high CPU usage
  • too much HDD activity (I/O)
  • the sum of the number of processes running on too much EP limit

Causes may include:

1, The number of visitors continues to grow, and one day reach the storage limit of the resource.
The, If you have multiple separate content, It is a high-traffic website space, It will have more space to share.
(B), VPS sale, details: https://www.xhu.hu/virtualis-szerver-vps-berles/

2, BOT, robot attack on the website. Nowadays it is quite common, However, these types of attacks usually are kept for a short time.

3, DOS or DDoS DOS attack

4, Faulty, outdated CMS extensions

5, Poorly written application

Malfunction, in the case of an attack on the solution:

Log in to Cpanel in, and click on the Resource usage (Resource Usage) icon, You can check the graphs, When and what resource limits came too, look at the graph you can see climaxes, I, to download the access log(raw access log), Apache, error logs, the highlight around the time. The icon in the Resource usage (Resource Usage) In addition, you will find the icon Known as the raw access logs (Raw Access Logs) find out with these, find out what is causing the problem.

The purpose of the resource constraint, to prevent the server from overloading the Server Web page too. If it weren't for resource limits, a badly written page (infinite loop), or you can make the Web page under attack by unavailable server, which, where appropriate, may be hundreds of Web hosting.

If more than one major resource website is, This may be caused by the large number of visitors is(but it is very rare). In this case, the person who created the website can help you find out, which application, the resources consumed by the page, analyzing the error-, Apache logs in all the problematic periods. This problem by optimizing the website applications, protection can be improved.

However, it is always worth the extra space made more pages, This avoids a similar problem.

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