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HTTPS issue

HTTPS issue


Hi there!
I operate several websites for your szervereiteken and raise the demand for more and more user-, go to an encrypted channel pages. So far I have not done this before and my question, How can I achieve this, We need to add on your part, cPanel option may, etc.? The pages in question Joomla 3.3.3-as versions, they should be set to HTTPS connection.

If you have the Joomla settings may experience I can wait, the Control Panel has been powered up once a SSL opportunity, na it did not come into the page, so this in itself seems to be insufficient! :)
Thank you in advance for your help!


Dear Attila!

Several things need to be ssl option:
1, SSL certificate, details: http://www.xhu.hu/Tarhely/Webtarhely/ssl.html
2, dedicated IP address, details: http://URwww.xhu.hu/Tarhely/Webtarhely/fix-ip-cim.html
3, our licensing option
4, It is possible to change Your part of this may be application dependent, Joomla, the url in the config to change operating

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