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Current regisztrátorom not responding

Current regisztrátorom not responding

Currently, the ****** hostinguse information about, *.com (******.com) domain is registered, with the continuation of the one-year January 20 – on. Since the company is badly completed Bill sent to me, It is therefore not paid in the next year. The main problem, that the számlareklamációmra responded with plenty of nothing in a month (I sent 17 PC e-mail, twice I tried to draw them), I did not get a new account, so January 20 Since there is no blind domain maintenance. So the redirect you to your space? In addition, the domain of the *******.

Response: In this case, you might want to ask for átregisztrálást (When you enter a domain and Web hosting requiring a page to select, to request a change from Registrar) the one-time fee 1750 HUF, but at least there will be no such concern then. If you want to, We have extended the registration of a domain name.

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