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What is Web hosting?

What is Web hosting?

The Web hosting service (in English shared web hosting service) a Web service, where a server (Web server) resources allocated to more than one user. All users with a, the dedicated storage space, with the content of the individual public domain name available.[1] Less traffic may be leased servers operate more cost-efficiently Web page.

The Web hosting service generally must have an administration interface, the effective management of a large number of users. The Web hosting services often involve additional services: email mailbox service POP3 and IMAP, the outgoing correspondence in order to ensure SMTP Server, the domain names customer service and management DNS Administration service. In special cases, the Web hosting service for virtualized server VPS or dedicated server is provided by the service provider.

The Web hosting service are typically web-based administration interface provides users with. Most of the great hosting by using a proprietary administration system.

The Web hosting service providers are usually physically separate servers for each service systems to solve, the client/server, the administrative system, the mail server, the database Server, the Web server on servers that are physically separate works. Most Web server open source Linux or FreeBSD operating system running, and LAMP Server use. The largest providers Microsoft Windows or Sun Solaris operating system used. Built for each operating system services are essentially determine the user-accessible technology group. Windows-based Web hosting, the user can choose ASP.NET and Microsoft SQL Server-t, but you can use either the free PHP and Mysql Server support; While LAMP Server only PHP You can create Web pages in a language Mysql Server support.

Increasingly popular in the JAVA based Web hosting services you can use. In the case of JAVA-based Web host Sun Solaris operating system choice benefit.

A number of Web hosting provider worldwide, which will lead to price competition to the benefit of users. A general purpose Web site is sufficiently low price can be placed on the Internet, regardless of geographical location. Business Web site hosting provider should be placed near the geographical, as a result, the payment of which is, billing or customer support problems can be easily avoided.

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