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Plesk interface MX record change

How do I change my MX record as well Plesk interface?

  1. Enter the Plesk hostingsing interface, the entry with the data.
  2. Navigate to the DNS Settings (DNS settings), you want to change domain field.


  1. The DNS records of find set the default MX record, which is in the mail.domain.en record show.
    The MX record for the correspondenceresponsible for, so if you only the mail you want somewhere else to use, the next act in a way that.

Two options are possible. The only MX record should be set (PL. Google mail) or another server IP address to set.

Let's look at the MX record modification:

Mail exchange server * – Want to use MX record
Specify the priority of the mail exchange server – MX record priority (the lower the score, the higher the priority of)

Mutatis mutandis, multiple MX records can be set, The Add record menu item in the new records up.

In the case of, if an IP address you can set the redirect, then the MX record don't touch, let's see the mail.domain.en value. And in the mail.domain.en The record should be amended.

The changes made will not be valid, if the Update button-I approve.

Attention! The DNA amendment update from the development of the practice 12-24 hours.

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