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Telnet licensing, use under windows

Telnet licensing, use under windows

What good is the Telnet?

If a particular service, We reach the port, not the server example. correspondence of the 465 you want to find the cause of the port and, You can use the telnet program. So we can conclude, that the computer can connect to the server on port problem, If not then it is probably your firewall or router will not let me out of the server, in this case, you can use another port or the firewall to add this port as an exception.

How to use the telnet program?

The first step is to enable the telnet client for windows on your computer:

1, Start menu>Control Panel>Programs menu, and then click programs and features, menu, locate the windows features on- on and off menu.


2, click it, before long to bring up a window that lists windows services, Locate the telnet client service, and select and then press ok to activate the service.


3, If you have not already done so, You can open the URcmd.exe program: Start menu>run>You must type, to URcmd.exe and enter.

4, To bring up a window and type, that: Telnet and then use the following command: Open IP address port such as: Open 465


If the following message appears, the connection successful, so your host can communicate with the specified port on the specified server:


If you receive a failed message, You can try a different port such as. 587 or send an e-mail in this matter.


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