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Set up automatic email responder!

Set up automatic email responder!

Automatic email set up answering!

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Joomla 1.7 install using CPanel!

How to install joomla 1.7 cms-t cpaneles tárhelyen? View a short video! Related

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Brute Force foreclosure

If You are repeatedly wrong, enter your password in Cpanel or Webmail login or e-mail program is ill defined in the password then the system will block your ip address, this is called Brute Force prohibition, in this case, send us an e-mail that is sent to ip address of the ip.xha.en page to see and unlock the ban. Related

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Set up automatic email responder essay!

1. Go to Cpanelba. 2. Try switching from “Auto Responders” menu item. 3. Try switching from “Add auto-responder” button. 4. A megjelenő résznél kell beállítani az email beállításait, character set to use utf-8 recommended, and then type the e-mail address and the subject of the email. Then, the text of the email should be designed in such a, ha bepipálja aThis message contains HTMLrészt […]

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