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Subdomain: (subdomain) the domain/the province is divided into separate subdomains and Web pages you.

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How to create a subdomain name for your space? Related

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Up to create a subdomain,Parker, added domain

We give free of charge: Unlimited parked domain Unlimited subdomain 1pc added domain If you also need more options, Please select from the drop-down menu. Related

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Subdomain Subdomain name

Go to cpanelbe. The path to the: www.öndomainneve.hu/cpanel majd kattintson az aldomain nevek ikonra. You must specify the subdomain name, and click the "add" button. Automatically creates a library, aminek a neve megegyezik az aldomain nevével. Which the created directory is, It will appear you can, When the browser invokes the domain name. Az ön által […]

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