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SMTP: (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol = simple mail transfer Protocol) on the network, the leaves are responsible for providing the. Via SMTP, from sender to recipient to the letter.

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Mail program, POP3 smtp access

Levelező programmal pop3 protokollon tudom – read my mail? Response: Yes, You can also send and receive can also provide Web access to and. Outlook settings: Klikk ide Outlook Express beállítások: Klikk ide Thunderbird beállítások: Klikk ide Related

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Setting up Thunderbird

Start mail program (Thunderbird). Press “Tools” button (above left 6.), and then select the “Account settings” from the menu. In the window that appears, press the “Mailbox operations” button (on the left side at the bottom), and then go to the “Add a mailbox” point. Name: Your name. E-mail address: az Ön email címe, that is pre-set in the cpanel system, (for example.:info@ondomainneve.hu). […]

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Outlook 2007 set

Start your e-mail program (Outlook) The first time you switch to the next window that appears. The next window should be ticked in the “Yes”-and click the next button. A következő ablakon írja be a Nevét email címét és az emailhez tartozó jelszavát, and then go to the next. In the next window pilálja “kiszolgálóbeállítások […]

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