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SSL: Web encryption tool. A Web server and make secure communication between users. Prevents confidential data lehallgathatóságát.


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Website setting up SSL for

Question: Why don't you go to the SSL service if it is switched on? Response: This manually we need to set the .htaccess file. If the URL http-http for you want to redirect .htaccess using, follow the steps below: .htaccess file editing: Log in to your cpanel in credentials. – If the .htaccess file is present, open the file. – […]

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HTTPS issue

Question: Hi there! I operate several websites for your szervereiteken and raise the demand for more and more user-, go to an encrypted channel pages. So far I have not done this before and my question, How can I achieve this, We need to add on your part, cPanel option may, etc.? The relevant pages in joomla 3.3.3 the versions, these should be HTTPS connection […]

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SSL certificate acceptance firefox browser

SSL certificate acceptance firefox browser and internet explorer: You must accept the certificate! Your browser it will output, defective certificate but don't take this into account because the certificate is not to blame just the cpanel-generated so the browser doesn't recognize but still, it's completely safe so feel free to accept! Process: The browser type […]

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