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Google Analytics Setup

Google Analytics Setup

Google Analytics a free service, which detailed statistics show the traffic of your website. In order to, be able to use the Analytics, must do the following:


1.step: To use the Analytics you need a Google email (Gmail) mailbox. If you have no such account, You can use the http://www.gmail.com site can register.




2.step: Create your own Analytics application. This http://You can start with the url www.google.com/analytics. Click on the Sign up now button.











3.step: Enter your Gmail user name and, and password, and click on the Login button.















4. step:Click on the Sing up button, to begin your own Analytics registration.











5.step: At this point you can set your own Analytics account. The General information below, type a user name of your choice, the Web site address, What statistics you want to see, adding the country, and you can specify a time zone.


6.step: Here you can specify the statistics of your website visibility. Do not share my Google Analytics data Click Analytics data will not be open to the public. Share my Google Analytics data You can enter your, that 1. You can also see other statistical indicators, and you can use other Google applications. 2. The same as in the previous, only share anonymous site metrics. Az oldal legalján a Google Analytics szerződési feltételeket kell már csak elfogadnia, and the Create Account Click the Create button is brought to Analytics account.


7. step:Here you can set, to be able to track how deep domainját. Single domain: Only the main domain usage statistics. One domain with multiple subdomains: Aldomainjai statistics. Multiple top level domains: Domainja different ending statistics.

8. step:The last step is to copy the frame in tracking code, and place your site manually, or “include element, or other methods. Once you've got it, akkor kis idő elteltével már használni is tudja Google Analytics fiókját, and monitor the specified fastly, and many other statistics.



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