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Domain creation, setting the server

Domain creation, setting the server

Path: WHM>Account Functions>Create New Account.

Before you redirect or create a new domain a name for the server, ALWAYS ENABLE, YOU MUST SET THE (parking, added domain, new domain creation).

Enter the domain name. It is important to: you do not have an http, and you don't need www. The user name (username) automatically creates the WHM, If you click the box.

passwordVilas (password) Enter at least 6 characters also can generate a password or.

Quota In MB, Enter how many MB of storage to its customers.

Enter the extras you would want to give to the client (FTP, email, etc.), and then you can choose a predefined set we package, but the package is not required to select. For more information, see Create a menu item of the package.

Enter the "contact" link in this email, and press the "create" button to start the registration process.

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